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San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco, USA

The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge is the biggest Self Anchored Suspension Span in the world.  Rosewich co-founders managed fabrication operations for over 72,000 tons of permanent steel for the tower and orthotropic box girders and over 40,000 tons of temporary steel. We developed fabrication procedures and shop practices, dimensional control plans and dimensional verification plans, and sea transportation schemes for shipments in excess of 8000 tons. Large portions of the project were “fracture critical” requiring a more stringent specification to be used.

We coordinated the execution of highly complex tolerance situations through layout and in-process verification. The tolerances on this project required a specific and unique set of criteria to be developed, which was established by working closely with the fabricator, client and designer.  The procedures developed translated directly into ease of erection in the field because fit-up and tolerance issues were resolved and verified in the shop before the steel was delivered.

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