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Queensferry Crossing

Edinburgh, Scotland

Rosewich co-founders provided oversight and management of the planning, schedule, budget, fabrication, geometric layout, and design coordination for the project. We also coordinated the delivery from China of over 45,000 metric tonnes of steel for all major temporary works and permanent works steel elements on the bridge. The first 32 heavy lift segments, weighing up to 450 metric tonnes were erected with one of the largest floating shear leg cranes in Europe. 32 heavy lifts were executed in 60 days, wherein our budgeted time allotment was 90 days. Our co-founders managed all geometry control during the balanced cantilever erection, including processing geometric information developed during fabrication into the field, and coordinating with the Designer regarding all facets of geometric information required during the bridge erection phase.  The cable stay operations subcontract was managed in its entirety including procurement, overall management, and technical and workforce coordination. The Queesferry Crossing is currently the largest cable stay bridge under construction in Europe.

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